Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

It’s probably one of the most cliche things to say in the automotive world but I’ll say it it anyway: “Gee, Porsche’s designers are lazy – each generation of 911 looks the same as the last.”


I’ll respectfully disagree – it’s gotten fatter and longer. For whatever, reason(perhaps my negative experience with the local dealership and Porsche NA while I had the Cayman has clouded my vision) I cannot warm up to the Type-991 911. I very much enjoy(ed) the look and proportions of the 997 911’s as they made for gorgeous, timeless road cars and angry, musclebound wide-body race cars by way of the GT3 RSR run by the Lizard and Falken teams in ALMS. Even the 997 Cup Car seemed to capture my interest the first time I saw the Black Swan Cup Car go skittering across the concrete slabs of Sebring in turn 17 during pre-season testing a few years ago, disappearing off through 17A followed by the low, flat wail of a Porsche horizontally-opposed six.


But the 991 Cup Car doesn’t seem to grab me the way its predecessor did. It just looks heavy with a seemingly tacked-on rear end. Maybe the 991 carries Porsche’s equivalent of a Stuttgart “Bangle Butt.” Whatever I may think of the styling – I don’t doubt it’ll be a winner. I’m sure Porsche’s customer Cup Car business has been anything if lucrative for them both financially and in reputation and certainly won’t be conceded to other manufacturers anytime soon. But with a history of beautiful race cars in the 917k, 935, 908, and 961 – I just yearn for more from Porsche’s racing¬†aesthetic. Perhaps throw some Gulf, Rothsmans, or Martini colors on there and I’ll be a bit happier? Either way, I’ll be interested to see how these little guys perform on the track – hopefully they’ll start showing up for ALMS this year.

Porsche 991 Cup Car Teaser:


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